Fr Shaun Whittington
The Holy Land
May 20-30, 2024
Tour 40520

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus on an 11-day pilgrimage with Fr. Shaun Whittington. The Holy Land, May 20-30, 2024. The pilgrimage departs from Chicago.

Click the following link to view brochure, then right click to print:

Where you will visit and what you will see:

  • Bethlehem: Sites associated with the birth of Jesus.
  • Caesarea Maritime: the aqueduct, port, amphitheater.
  • Capernaum: Location where Jesus focused his ministry.
  • Dead Sea: lowest spot on earth.
  • Haifa: Our Lady of Mt Carmel, the Stella Maris.
  • Jericho: World’s oldest city.
  • Jerusalem: Sites associated with crucifixion, death, resurrection.
  • Nazareth: Location where Jesus grew up.
  • And so much more!