Our business is focused solely on Catholic pilgrimages. Our pilgrimages are spiritual journeys of a lifetime to some of the most spectacular and inspirational sites throughout the world. We make it our mission to plan tours that include daily masses at some of the most faith-filled churches, cathedrals and shrines throughout the world. Our goal is to provide pilgrims with the opportunities to enhance their faith in environments conducive to spiritual growth

Join us for a walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the saints. Discover the places that have made our Catholic heritage what it is today.

Traveling with Pentecost Tours, Inc. gives you the freedom to travel worry-free. You book your reservation on any of our journeys and we handle just about everything else. Each itinerary is creatively organized to assure pilgrimages couple religious sites and prayer with the history and culture of the country being visited. All breakfasts and most dinners are included in the price of the journey. You may have the opportunity to sample the culinary treasures of the country as there may be a dinner or two on your own.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff brings comfort to pilgrims by answering questions and walking passengers through the pre-pilgrimage process.

If you have never traveled with Pentecost Tours, we invite you to experience one of our many spiritual journeys. If you have traveled with us, we thank you for choosing Pentecost Tours and hope you will be traveling with us again soon.